At the we stock a large selection of parts to keep your scooter on the road.
Many scooters use the same parts, due to the fact a lot of scooters are copied from similar designs.

Much like cars a brake pad for one scooter will be exactly the same for another.

If you cannot see a part you need then please drop us an email and we will find it for you. We may already have it in stock or are due a delivery. We are constantly looking to expand our range so any suggestions are welcome.

Currently we are specialising in Xiaomi and Kugoo. The range is ever growing. If you are interested in us selling a part you have developed then please let us know as we are always happy to discuss partnerships.

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Kugoo M4 Display

£29.99 Inc VAT

LH 100 control panel

Suitable for
Kugoo M4
Kugoo M4 Pro

similar 48v scooters

USB interface
Accelerator lever
Battery level

Kugoo M4 key ignition

£19.99 Inc VAT

Suitable for:
Kugoo M4 / M4 Pro

Kugoo G-booster

Ignition Key set includes 2x Keys

Blue Voltmeter

1x Grub screw


Monorim Hinge and pole

£59.99 Inc VAT

The Monorim Hinge and pole is the essential upgrade for xiaomi m365/pro/s1/s1pro copys such as the pure scooters.