Kugoo G2 Pro Sintered Brake pads

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Kugoo G2 pro sintered brake pads:

All metal – for extended life

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Kugoo G2 Pro sintered Brake pads


Kugoo G2 Pro sintered Brake pads are gold coloured all metal pads that will last a lot longer than standard brake pads.

Possibly one of the most important parts of the scooter, although small you need these to be able to stop safely. You should check your brake pads every few months as your callipers may need to be adjusted from time to time to work effectively.

How to fit Kugoo G2 Pro sintered Brake pads.

  • Spin the wheel, if you hear a regular but not constant high pitch metal on metal noise, look at the brake disc to make sure it is not warped. If it is, it is time to replace it and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. You can do this while placing an order for new brake pads to save time.
  • Remove the two bolts on the top of the calliper that hold the calliper to the scooter.
  • With a 5mm alan key loosen the passive side of the brake calliper and then remove with a 4mm alan key the two bolts holding the calliper together.
  • The calliper will spit in half at this point so it is a good idea to clean them with an old tooth brush. If the brake disk is warped, replace this part now.
  • place one of the new pads in the passive side of the calliper and then place the metal spacer clip onto the pad. Put the other pad on top of this and push the calliper back together.
  • Holding the calliper together, you can now put the 2 bolts back in which hold it together and tighten.
  • Put the calliper back onto the scooter and put the 2 bolts that hold it to the scooter back in place, do not make tight.
  • Push the active side of the calliper so that it is touching the brake disc, then ever so slightly move it so that there is a tiny space between the two, holding in place slowly tighten the bolts.
  • If there is a big gap on the passive side of the Kugoo G2 Pro sintered Brake pads and the brake disc you need to use the 5mm alan key, twisting the back of where the pads sit to adjust to a position where there is almost no gap between the brake pad and the disc. If fitting to the motor wheel, you have to do all of this before putting the bolts back in as you cannot access the passive part of the calliper through the wheel, like on the front.
  • Spinning the wheel, it should run freely. When squeezing the brake lever you shouldn’t have much play and the wheel should be unmovable. Test ride and adjust before going back out for real

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Here is a video on how to remove the calliper and adjust the brake cable G2 pro calliper video 


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