Kugoo M4 key ignition

£25.00 Inc VAT

Suitable for:
Kugoo M4 / M4 Pro

Kugoo G-booster – swap the cables on the connector to match (do not pug in as it comes)

Ignition Key set includes 2x Keys

Blue Voltmeter

1x Grub screw


Kugoo M4 key ignition

Suitable for G-boosters, M4 and M4 Pro. This replacement Kugoo M4 Key ignition set will have you parking a bit more secure.

The voltmeter is a much nicer Blue colour compared to the original red.


How to fit Kugoo M4 key ignition


Here is where things get a bit complicated. This is not a hard job but it does take around an hour.

Firstly remove the front plastic panel from the base of the scooter then make the scooter stable to work on.

Loosen and remove the old Key ignition from the handle bars. Remove the rubber stops at the ends of the folding pole where the cable goes into.

Locate which cable is for the Kugoo M4 Key ignition and unplug it.

Make sure to attach approximately 1 metre of string to this end and then pull through from the handle bar end until the cable is removed.

Remove the socket from the cable of the new set and attach to the string. (You do not have to do this but it will make it easier to pull the cable through the other end so try without removing it first)

Once you have pulled the new cable through, reattach the socket if you removed it. Make sure the coloured cables match the socket on the motherboard/controller. If you did remove the cables from the socket or you have to re arrange the cables it is advisable to use a glue gun on the rear of the socket to stop movement

Connect and test. Now re attach the base of the scooter making sure no cables are hanging out of snagged, This may be an ideal time to add some bathroom sealant to stop any water ingress to the base of the scooter.

Test the position on the handle bar and then lock in place with the grub screw, remembering if you want to use the folding function on the handle bar you need to leave enough space for this function.

If you are receiving power to the ignition but still no power to the dashboard, you may need to replace it.
Kugoo M4 Display

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