Kugoo M4 charger

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Suitable for the following scooters:
Hitway 800W

Kugoo M4

Kugoo M4 Pro

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Kugoo M4 charger


Your old charger may not be turning red anymore when plugging it into your scooter but your scooter still works and turns on fine. If this is the case then you are very likely to have a faulty charger. If however you scooter suddenly stopped and wont turn on or charge you most likely need to repair the battery by replacing the BMS ( the circuit board on the battery that controls over charge and temperature). Or you may just want an extra charger to leave at work.

Our replacement charger has the standard female 3 pin plug with screw for safe connection. It is highly recommended you do not plug the scooter into the charger while it is turned on at the wall as this can cause arcing (blue flash).

We recommend that you use this charger in conjunction with a serge protected socket to avoid any unnecessary spikes in the voltage.
Make sure your scooter is dry.

To best protect your battery and extend life when charging there are some simple tips that will increase the life of the battery. Charge when the scooter is running low rather than half used and never leave for long periods of time full or empty.

In winter when the temperature drops you should leave the scooter in the house for around an hour to warm up before charging. Batteries do not like cold weather and you will notice a reduction in power over cold periods.

Our Kugoo M4 charger comes with a UK plug, if one day your charger does not even light up green, check the plugs fuse.

From a safety point of view it is always advised to never charge lithium iron batteries unattended. i.e. leave the house with it on. This goes not just for scooters but all Li-ion batteries as a safety precaution.

We also sell the cable that connects from the Kugoo M4 charger to the battery if you are needing to replace this as well please add this item to your basket then click here.


Kugoo M4 charger specifications.

Li-ion Charger:

input 100V~240VAC

50/60Hz 2.0A Max

Output: DC54.6V-2.0A

For indoor use only CE marked

Do not cover the charger in anyway when charging the scooter as it will give off heat.


Kugoo M4 charger compatibility.

This charger although marketed as a Kugoo M4 charger is suitable for the following scooters:
Hitway 800W

Kugoo M4

Kugoo M4 Pro

Zero and Zero 10X

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