Kugoo G2 pro brake disc

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140mm Brake disc. Suitable for :

  • Kugoo G2 pro
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Kugoo G2 pro brake disc

The Kugoo G2 pro Brake disc is probably one of the most important parts of your scooter in terms of safety

Next time you are changing you scooters rear inner tube or tyre you may want to consider replacing it. If you hear an intermittent high pitch metal rubbing sound, this means that the disc is warped and bent and may not be acting very affectively.

The brake discs are designed in a way to dissipate heat and are made from stainless steel measuring 140mm.

The 140mm disc also comes with screws in the pack. We also sell the brake pads and callipers. If you are going to the effort of replacing the disc then you should take this opportunity to replace the pads


How to fit Kugoo G2 pro Brake disc

  • Remove the wheel nuts on the front with a spanner, The same on the rear with a spanner.
  • Thankfully on the Kugoo G2 pro you do not need to unplug the motor.
  • The wheel should come away from the scooter with a bit of a wiggle, Remove the screws on the brake disc
  • When putting the new disc on make sure it is lined up correctly and not uneven when sitting on the wheel. Put all the screws in loose and then tighten them on at a time.
  • Make sure when doing this your screwing one screw in and then rather than moving to the next, go to the opposite side of the disc and screw that instead, this will help you keep the Kugoo G2 Pro Brake disc in the correct position. Why not take this opportunity to replace your pads

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