The scooter section shows what we are currently offering in the scooter market. We take pride in making sure we do not offer sub par scooters.


Before selecting a scooter to sell we put it to the test and make sure it will last.

Our stock of scooters is ever changing as technology and the scooter market moves fast. If you are after a particular scooter please email us.

we aim to cover most areas of the market from the economy, casual user, commuter to the enthusiast. These four areas cover very different budgets and the technical specifications equally are vastly different. If you are unsure what is suitable for your needs, we are more than happy to offer some advice.

All our scooters are covered by a 1 parts and repair year guarantee.

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Navee N40

Original price was: £549.00.Current price is: £350.00. Inc VAT