Kugoo G-Booster brake pads

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Suitable for Kugoo G-booster

Easy to fit, 10 mins

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Kugoo G-Booster brake pads


Kevlar reinforced

1 pair per pack will replace 1 brake set.

We selected Kevlar reinforced pads because they will last a lot longer than the traditional ones that come with the scooter.

On a G-booster due to the speeds brake pads will wear out so it is defiantly worth checking once every 6 months


How to fit Kugoo G-Booster brake pads

Use an Allan Key to remove the brake calliper from the wheel.

The old brake pads will be able to pop out using a small flat screw driver. The brake pads are held in with a small magnet.

Replace with the new pad and then re fit the calliper.

Prop up the scooter wheel so that it can spin this way you can check the brakes are properly aligned. There should be no rubbing of the disk.

Test and adjust before using the scooter.

You will need a set of Allan keys for this and we do sell a multi tool with all the correct sizes.

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