Kugoo M4 brake Calliper

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Kugoo M4 brake calliper is suitable for :

  • Kugoo M4
  • Kugoo M4 pro
  • Hitway
  • Inyiad M4 Pro
  • Halo


  • Pads included
  • Bracket included
  • Bracket bolts included


Kugoo M4 brake Calliper

The Kugoo M4 Brake Calliper is probably one of the most important parts of your scooter in terms of safety

Callipers can be clipped against curbs or not looked after and cleaned and can therefor jam or become less affective. Along with the brake handle they contain a spring that pulls the brake cable tight. When this isn’t working the brake lever can not go back to its normal position after braking.

These brake callipers are exactly the same ones that come with the original scooter. They come with a brand new set of brake pads already in them. They are designed only for use on this scooter and have the correct bracket supplied for easy installation.

Designed to be used with the stock 140mm Kugoo M4 brake disc.

We also sell upgraded sintered pads for the Kugoo M4


How to fit Kugoo M4 brake Calliper

  • The fastest way to do this install is to remove the 2 bolts holding the bracket at the bottom of the brake calliper.
  • Once undone the old one should slide off the brake disc easily. Disconnect the brake cable from the old calliper and dispose.
  • When installing the new calliper you should check the brake pad that does not move (passive pad) is not pushed out to far so that it rubs the brake disc. Equally you don’t want it to far the other way other wise the brakes do not work.
  • Before attaching the calliper, undo the 2 bolts slightly, that hold the calliper onto the bracket, this will help you adjust it later.
  • You may have to put the calliper on and off a few times when installing on the rear. where as at the front wheel you can put an Allan key through the wheel to adjust the back of the calliper and move the passive pad.
  • With the bracket screws tight, you should spin the wheel, the brake disc should not be touching the pads, this is a slow job and you should take your time to make sure that there are only very small, less than 1mm gaps between the pad and disc.
  • If you spin the wheel and find that the brake disc is warped, this is the time to replace it, as it will just wear out your brake pads as well as make a racket when using the scooter.
  • Once you have positioned the calliper and adjusted the pad positions correctly, slowly tighten the bolts holding the calliper to the bracket.
  • Re attach the brake cable to the calliper and test, you may have to adjust a few times to get it correct but there should be no rubbing and the wheel should be un movable when the brake lever is depressed.

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Kugoo M4 brake Calliper

Kugoo M4 brake Calliper

Kugoo M4 brake Calliper rear

Kugoo M4 brake Calliper rear


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