Mycle Cruiser Pro

£399.99 Inc VAT

  • Battery: 36v 10Ah
  • Motor: 300W
  • Weight: 16KG
  • max load: 100KG
  • Distance: 25 miles
  • Speed: 15 mph

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Mycle Cruiser Pro

After creating some truly high quality bikes Mycle Cruiser Pro have launched the Cruiser pro and Cruiser Pro X

The Mycle Cruiser Pro Cruiser Pro runs on a 36v circuit with a 300W motor, possibly the smoothest acceleration we have seen. 10.4Ah equates to approx 25 mile range per charge.

Front drum as well as regenerative braking means you can bring the scooter to a stop in a very small distance, with a drum brake there is reduced maintenance. Weighing in at just 16KG this scooter is surprisingly punchy considering its size.

The scooters display is very clean and clear and the scooter has very high quality handlebar grips. Having a built in side running light to improve visibility for other road users as well as a bright rear light, you will feel more safe. Comparing the Mycle Cruiser Pro cruiser pro scooter to a xiaomi M365 and its miles ahead, with a lower price tag, cleaner design and better range this is the scooter to have out of the two.

Mycle Cruiser Pro specs

Battery: 36v 10Ah

Motor: 300W

Weight: 16KG

max load: 100KG

Distance: 25 miles

Speed: 15 mph

Mycle Cruiser Pro Delivery

Since moving onto the High street, we no longer post scooters out to people. This was simply to due with high fraud rates and high returns due to customers not understanding how to put them together.

We now have a policy of building the scooter for you so that it is ready to go from the shop. Not only does this help us in a financial manor but it also means we can provide a proper level of customer service.

Not only can we offer a better experience but it also means that customers buy the correct scooter for their needs, rather than buying something that is not suitable, to big or to small for them.
You can buy online for collection (please call ahead of collection). Cash or card is also accepted in store.


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