KuKirin M4 pro

£699.99 Inc VAT

500W motor, Front and rear disc brakes


30-37 Mile range

150 KG payload

23KG weight

Powerful Headlamp, tail and brake lights

RGB side lights

Attachable seat



KuKirin M4 pro

The KuKirin M4 pro is in our view the best scooter on the market for its price. Featuring a powerful 48v,18AH battery. This combined with a 500W motor will happily push you along solidly at 28mph for approx 35 miles. slower speeds can be expected on steep hills but most 5-10% gradients have little affect on the scooters performance, unlike a lot of other similarly priced electric scooters.

The KuKirin M4 pro version has been re-engineered from the previous models. The upgrades are noticeable with a colour matched red carry handle/foot rest. A new improved folding mechanism that does not need to be adjusted over time and has a safety bolt lock. Improved folding handle bar. The handle bar folding clamps used to be plastic which over time would wear out, these have been replaced with screw-able red metal clips.

KuKirin M4 pro features

High speed (but not to crazy 28Mph) means you can keep up with the town traffic and get from A-B faster and cheaper than public transport. The scooter comes with a seat that you can fit in around 20 mins so the choice is fully yours with no extra cost. We personally are not a fan of scooters with seats due to the ride height being a lot lower and the temptation to use these as mobility scooters (which they are not).

Rear Indicators controlled by a switch on the handlebar provide other road users of your intentions. Powerful headlamp not only lights up the road but lets others know of your presence. Another great feature is the rear lights, you get a constant tail light when the headlamp is turned on but also when the brake are used a second set of LEDs will power on.

As well as this the indicator panels will also flash red so people know your braking. On the side of the scooter you also get colour changing RGB LEDs which come on with the headlamp. The scooter with its improved folding mechanism will fold down in seconds with no fuss and if you require you can also fold the handlebars in thus reducing the size of the scooter for storage.

As mentioned before this scooter is powerful with its 500W rear motor (peaking at 1000W). Some brands like to confuse customers by advertising the Peak performance rather than the actual operating Wattage on scooters. 0-28 in a matter of seconds and great hill climb ability (do note if your going up very steep hills the scooter will slow down and your body weight should be taken into account).

Rated to carry up to 150KG however we really would recommend that maximum to be 125KG. The KuKirin M4 pro comes with a key to operate, without this key it will not power up, so great from a security perspective. If you pair this with one of our alarms and a lock you can be fairly confident your scooter is safe.

The display is full colour and shows speed, battery, power setting and has a USB port to the rear for charging phones. The accelerator is on the display and is a trigger style. Front, Rear disc and kinetic braking means you can stop in 4 meters from full speed if needed. Don’t just take our word for it, here is a glowing review on YouTube

KuKirin M4 pro technical specification

Speed Mode: 3 models
Max Speed: 28-32MPH
Max Range: 35-40Miles
Maximum Torque: 24N.m/s
Climbing Ability: 10°
Max. Load: 150KG

Motor Type: DC brushless motor
Rated Output: 500W
Battery Type: 18650 lithium battery
Battery Capacity: 18Ah
Rated Voltage: 48V
Charging Time: 8 hours
Charging Output: 54V

Brake Type: Disc brake
Braking Distance: 4m
Tire Size: 10 inches
Pedal Width: 22cm
Chassis Height: 14cm
Fold Size: 114 x 39 x 60cm
Unfold Size: 119 x 112 x 60cm

Product Weight: 22.6KG
Package Weight: 27.5KG
Product Size (L x W x H): 119 x 60 x 112cm
Package Size (L x W x H): 119x 28 x 47cm


KuKirin M4 pro shipping.

If your local, why not ask us for no extra charge to build the scooter for you to collect from our Brighton and Hove store?

All orders are shipped same day using Parcelforce 48 (mon-fri excluding bank holidays)

Please note you will need a pump with a gauge to put the tyres to the correct PSI of 40.



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