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Xiaomi M365 Display

The Xiaomi Display contains 2 parts, the circuit board and the case.

The circuit board is as important as the motherboard and the two are connected via a data cable. The Xiaomi M365 Display circuit board connects your brake and accelerator to the rest of the scooter and display your battery level. With all the models above the M365 it will display the speed.

They are after a few years prone to the following issues: Moisture build up damaging the circuit or the on off switch failing.

If your scooter will not switch on but is charging there is a high chance this is the issue. To be certain the only way to test is to plug a voltmeter into the battery connection, where it connects to the motherboard. If the power is above 36v, your Xiaomi M365 display is the issue, if not it may be the BMS.

This is an easy repair and should take approx 15 mins. You will need a Stanley knife and mini crosshead screwdriver. We recommend buying a new case at the same time and ours also come with the sticky tape cut to shape.

We also offer a silicone water proof cover which will better protect your Xiaomi m365 display from the elements.


Fitting the Xiaomi M365 Display

As we mentioned before this is a simple process:

  • Using a Stanley knife, press into the side of the case where it stops and the frame starts, slowly prise it up and move around continuing this process until the main part of the case pops off, (there is no need to take off the top part)
  • The display circuit board will be held in place with 3 cross head screws. These are mini screws and require a smaller than standard screw driver to be undone. you will also need to apply some pressure to remove them so as not to damage the head of the scew.
  • The connections will be encased in a rubber pouch with a cable tie around it. Cut this cable tie and disconnect the brake sensor, accelerator and headlight.
  • Unscrew the 4 hex nuts holding the handle bar onto the main pole and disconnect the data cable.
  • Plug the new display into the instruments and screw back in place. Then connect to the data cable and test.
  • If your happy its working reconnect the handle bar to the stem, use some lock tight if you think these 4 screws are loose.
  • If fitting a new case, remove one side of the pre cut double sided tape and push into the case. remove the other side and place onto the top of the handle bar. make sure before you do this that all debris are cleared and old tape removed otherwise it will not sit flush.

Postage for your Xiaomi M365 Display

Postage is Free using Royal mail 48 – 2-3 working day service

A faster service using Royal mail 24 95% next day available at checkout


Unsure how to replace it , watch this Video
Xiaomi M365 Display


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