Xiaomi Brake Pads

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Xiaomi Mijia M365 Scooter Brake Pads

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Xiaomi Brake Pads

Xiaomi Brake pads are essential to you scooter. Just like on a car over time they wear down and need replacing.

You should look to do this at a minimum of once a year if you use your scooter at least once a week because every time you use the brake these will wear down.

To fit, you don’t need to worry about removing the wheel or disc.

Simply remove the calliper from the frame, you should be able to pop them out and fit the new ones in under 5 minutes.

You will need 2mm, 4mm and 5mm Alan keys. You will also need a small flat head screw driver to carry out this repair.

These are suitable for the M365/ Essential and S1

If you are looking for the Xiaomi M365 Pro/ S1 Pro and Pro 2 brake pads we also sell these.

If your brake disc is not warped, new ones can be found here.

Xiaomi M365 Brake Disc
How to change brake pads video

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