M365 data cable

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M365 data cable


The cable the runs from the motherboard up the handlebar pole to the scooters display. The cable is 1.2M long


How to fit the M365 data cable


You will need to undo the 4 screws holding the handlebar into the pole.

Remove the red rubber protectors on the pole and the base of the scooter.

Attach a long piece of string to the cable, this will make it easier late to fit the new one.

Flip the scooter so you can access the battery housing and remove the base plate.

Pull the old cable through remembering the string that is attached.

Unplug the old cable from the motherboard and attach the new cable.

Un-tie the piece of string and attach it to the end of the data cable that connects to the dashboard.

Carefully you can now pull the string through and it will pull the cable up through the frame of the scooter.

This is a bit of a fiddly job to do but it will look a lot better than having the whole cable hanging out the side of it.

Once its all back to where it should be and you have re-attached to the dashboard, screw the handlebars back on

Reattach the red rubber protectors into the handlebar pole.

Turn on the scooter and see if it works. If it does, only then move onto the next step.

Last but not least is attaching the battery housing base plate. remember to use locktight on the screws.

Take this opportunity to use a bathroom sealant to make sure no moisture can access the base of the scooter. Where the data cable enters the base of the scooter is actually the main area where moisture and water can enter.

This is a major design floor and you should use this opportunity to fill the gap with sealant thus fixing the flaw.


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