Xiaomi M365 motherboard

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Xiaomi M365 motherboard


The motherboard is probably the most important part of your scooter. Essentially it is more than just a motherboard as it has a processor. Over time outdoor use can let moisture into the scooter. If this happens it make may make the motherboard short circuit.

The most common fault on the M365 bar your inner tubes will be the motherboard. There is a very high chance your scooter has a motherboard fault if it is showing Error code 11, 12, 13, 28, 29.
This is not always the case and in some instances the dashboard will show random data you’ve not seen before.


How to fit Xiaomi M365 motherboard

Turn the scooter upside down to expose the underside of the scooter

Remove the screws holding the plastic base plate on the scooter battery housing.

Remover the power cable first, then work your way around the motherboard removing all but the three motor cables.

Using an Allan key remove the bolts holding the old motherboard in place.

Fit the new motherboard and screw in.

Remove the motor cables one by one and fit to the new motherboard. The reason for doing it this way is because it will reduce the risk of putting the wrong cables to the terminals.

Re-connect all the other data cables and then finally the power cable

When re attaching the battery housing place, use locktight on the screws. It is advisable to use a bathroom sealant on the baseplate to stop any moisture making its way into this area.

Test the scooter and check you have not moved the brakes in the process.


This is the perfect opportunity to give your scooter a service and why not replace the brake pads and realign the brake disk

Remember to keep your tyres pressured at 40PSI to avoid punctures.


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