Kugoo M4 Pro charger interface

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Kugoo M4 Pro charger interface

Suitable for Kugoo M4/ M4 Pro


Kugoo M4 Pro charger interface


Kugoo M4 Pro charger interface is also the same as the Kugoo M4 interface. This part links between the charger and the battery.

This part can get broken when hitting the side of the scooter onto a curb as well as damaged by mud or water ingress. With this replacement part we include in the price a metal screw on cap to stop this happening in the future.


How to install the Kugoo M4 pro charger interface

  • You will have to open the scooter at the front of the base by removing the 2 underside screws and on the newer models running a stanley knife around to break the seal.
  • Once open you will have access to the controller and battery terminals, disconnect the charger interface from the battery.
  • On the back of the charger port is a 19mm nut that will need to be undone. If you do not have the correct tool to get access to the nut you can also remove the old one by cutting it off with a hacks saw from the outside, however please double check to make sure it is disconnected from the battery at this point.
  • Once the old one is removed you can put the new interface into the scooter threading the cables in from the outside and then placing the nut on the screw inside the scooter and tightening up.
  • Re connect to the battery and make sure when you are putting the plastic base cover back on that you are not snagging any of the controller cables against the outside of the scooter.
  • Once you have put the 2 base screws back on use this opportunity to weatherproof the scooter using a premium bathroom sealant in black.

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