Xiaomi M365 Brake Light

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Suitable for Xiaomi M365 and M365 Pro only

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Xiaomi M365 Brake Light

One of the most important parts of your scooter if your intending to ride in the dark. The Xiaomi M365 brake light helps other road users see you.

We have both lights in this listing.
The original will fit all copy scooters as well as the xiaomi M365/ M365 pro
The newer version will fit: Xiaomi Pro2/ Essential/ S1/ Mi3

The xiaomi m365 brake light has housing containing the LED, a lens and cable and is a plug and play part, easy to install in a matter of minutes.
If when installing you notice the connecting cable from the base of the scooter to the brake light cable is snapped, we also sell this part. That part will require soldering and removal of the base of the scooter, this isn’t a complicated repair but is time consuming.


How to fit Xiaomi M365 Brake Light.


The LED fitting connects to the original port and shares the exact same fitting.

To replace simply remove the 3 screws holding the bumper to the frame, these are located at the front of the rear mud guard. You will need to pull the old cable away and remove the old LED from the mud guard.

Simply attach the new Xioami M365 brake light and either glue or use Duct tape to stop the cable rubbing on the wheel, use the original screws or glue to make sure the light fitting is fitted snugly.


Line up the fittings and push the mudguard back into place. Then put the screws back. The whole job shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes and will again be visible at night to other road users and a lot less likely to get into trouble

We decided to include this video on what not to do. For the sakes of £5 save your self a lot of hassle and get the replacement. how not to do it

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