Xiaomi M365 Brake Handle

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Xiaomi M365 Brake lever is compattible with the following models:

M365 Pro
Ninebot segway max G30

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Xiaomi M365 Brake Handle


The Xiaomi M365 Brake Handle is an essential part of your scooter. Not only does it control the rear disc break, it also controls the E-brake which is built into the motor.

Why you may need to replace this part: Brake handle may of snapped, Error 13 may be shown on the display or the scooter is beeping 1 long beep followed by 3 shorter ones. Your brake handle may not be springing back fast enough (this could also be the calliper) or you could be facing issues with the E-break being to powerful.

Our Xiaomi M365 Brake Handle contains a new sprung mechanism and hall sensor so should just be plug and play. If you need a brake cable Click here.

How to fit Xiaomi M365 Brake Handle

To fit you will need an Allan key, mini cross screw driver and a stanley knife and should take approximately 20 mins:

  • using a Stanley knife pop the display case off the top of the handle bars, to do this you need to put the blade in the side and lever, moving all the way around and you will find the case should just lift off,
  • unscrew the 3 screws in the display circuit and lift our the board. disconnect the old brake connector
  • Remove the handle bar grip then remove the foam filler from the handle bar and unscrew the Allan key on the underside of the old brake lever, pull the brake cable away from the lever and it should then let you remove the cable from the handle. You may need to remove the headlight to get the sensor cable out of the handle bars.
  • Reverse the process by putting the new Xiaomi M365 Brake Handle onto the handle bar, feed in the sensor cable through the handle bars and re connect to the display. Turn on the display and make sure it is free from error codes.
  • Push back in the rubber spacer and then push on the handle bar grip. Once your happy with the position secure the brake lever by tightening the Allen key bolt.

We Found this video which may be helpful however you do not need to remove the handle bars or use a syringe (armature hour). Click here

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Xiaomi M365 Brake Handle

Xiaomi M365 Brake Handle


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