Kugoo S1 Data cable

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Kugoo S1 Data cable.

Kugoo S1 data cable, also suitable for the S1 Pro. this is a 5 pin Juliet cable on one end and a 5 pin circuit board connector the other

The kugoo S1 is one of the most popular scooters on the market due to its value for money.

Don’t let small issues keep you off the road. We stock a large selection of original Kugoo parts. If you do have any questions regarding how to repair then please contact us and we will try to help.

The Replacement data cable fits between the motherboard and the dashboard.

The cable is approximately 77cm long 5 core with correct plug and is partly coiled.



How to fit Kugoo S1 Data cable

First remove the handlebars from the scooter and attach a long piece of string to the top of the old data cable.
The reason for doing this is because it will become a lot easier to fit the new one.

Open the front of the base of the scooter undoing the two screws using a cross head screwdriver.

Remove the rubber seal from the scooter pole and pull the cable through.

Replace the cable and attach the end of the string to the new cable.

Thread the new cable into the pole and pull the string so that the cable goes back up to the top of the pole.

Re connect the cable and the handlebars using locktight on the screws.

Take this opportunity to use bathroom sealant on the battery case cover. This is the major weak spot for getting moisture into the battery housing which can wright off your scooter.

Why not take this opportunity to replace the mudguard if its damaged Kugoo S1 Mudguard

Test fully before using the scooter.


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