Xiaomi M365 front fork

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Xiaomi M365 front fork

Replacement front forks have exactly the same holes for the screws and are identical to the originals
Bolts and plastic covers not included.

How to fit Xiaomi M365 front fork

Replacing the Xiaomi M365 front fork is a 20 min repair.

Start by folding down the handle bars.

Remove the motor by firstly removing the reflectors on the bolt guards. You will then with a small Allan key be able to remove the guards and gain access to the bolts holding the wheel to the fork.

You should start this way because it will make the scooter easier to handle when taking it to bits.

Unscrewing the 2 bolts holding the bottom of the locking hinge onto the bottom of the scooter. There will be a long screw in the inside of the hinge itself, this will also need to be removed.

When taking the central screw out be careful to remove the bearings and spacers and place to the side in the same order as you remove them. By doing this you will make it easier to put back together in the right order.
Unscrew all the small screws holding the plastic sides on to the fork.

You can now remove the old forks and fit the new one.

Make sure when fitting the new fork you apply a lot of pressure before re attaching the screw in the middle of the hinge.

You should not have any wobble from the pole, if you do, repeat this process, it must be tight.

When reattaching the motor you can take this opportunity to apply a small amount of grease to the bearings.

If the reflective strips are no longer usable we do sell replacements

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