Solar P1 tyre 80/60-6

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Solar P1 tyre 80/60-6

ChaoYang tubeless tyre for the solar P1, Enviroride, langfette scooters. Chaoyang tubeless tyres are the best on the market and feature heavy duty threading and beading. They have been manufactured to take 87.5KG at 41 PSI per tyre.


It is always best to check that the valve is not leaking air if you think you have a puncture.


Solar P1 Tyre 80/60-6 Fitting

  • Firstly let down the old tyres air, then with a valve extractor tool, remove the valve inner.
  • Take the wheel off the scooter making sure to not damage the motor cable.
  • Put the axil in a vice so as to make the wheel easier to work on. This will also remove potential risk of damage to the cable.
  • If the brake disc is on the side you are working on, remove this as you can easily bend it.
  • Using clamps and tyre levers remove the tyre from the wheel hub, The wheel will be on very tightly so you will need some force for the beading to pop off the rim of the wheel
  • Heat the solar P1 tyre 80/60-6 in hot water for 5 mins at least 90 degrees, do not boil, do not use a microwave. (tap hot water is not hot enough)
  • Using tongs take the tyre out, shake any excess water off and make sure you have workshop gloves on, as the tyre will be very hot to the touch.
  • Put the new tyre onto the scooter and use at least 2 clamps to squeeze the tyre side walls together, this allows you to push the tyre up into the center of the wheel. Quickly work your way around with your hands pushing the rest of the tyre on.
  • Done correctly you shouldn’t need the tyre lever to put back on the tyre and we have seen many instances where people try to force them and end up damaging the beading in the tyre by using a tyre lever.
  • As soon as the tyre is back on the wheel, working quickly, squeeze the tyre so that it is aligned all the way around.
  • Inflate using a compressor that should first be holding at least 90psi (charge the compressor before you start the job). as the tyre quickly inflates, at around 60/70 psi you should hear a loud pop. This means the tyre is now sat on the rim.
  • slowly let the air down (as the valve inner is not on and quickly removing the pump could case the tyre to pop off)
  • Put the valve inner back into the valve and fill the tyre to 40 PSI
  • Re attach the brake disc and fit the wheel back onto the scooter.
  • This is the perfect time to consider replacing the brake disc or brake pads if they have got any damage or are worn out.


Solar P1 Tyre 80/60-6 fitting service

If all the above sounds like a bit much, you’d be right. As well as investing in tyre levers and clamps you also need a vice, work bench and with new tyres an urn.

Save your self a bunch of time and hassle (and bent spoons if you don’t have levers) and let us do the hard work for you.

Simply remove the wheel, put it in a box and send it to us, we will within 24 of receiving it send it back fitted with a new inner tube and or tyre and we will clean up the wheel while we are at it. The solar P1 tyre 80/60-6 is not easy to fit.

To take advantage of this service, please add the tubes and tyres you wish us to fit to your basket, then click here


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