G booster innertube

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Measuring in at 10″2.5 / 85/65-6.5 It fits perfectly on the following scooters

  • Kugoo G-booster
  • Zero 11X

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G booster innertube suitable for the Kugoo G-booster as a variety of other 10″2.5  wheeled scooters. The inner tube will fit on a 10″5 rim

Made slightly thicker than the original to last that bit longer

The 10″2.5 G booster innertube we sell are sourced directly from our manufacturing partners to fit the Kugoo G-booster. To date we have had no complaints from our customers .

We Ship these out the same day as your order Prior to 16:00 as no one wants to be off road to long.

We use Royal mail 24 and the parcel should fit though the letterbox if your not in to take delivery.

We have found this youtube video on how to change the innertube. Yes it is a bit armature but it has lots of info. skip to 3mins 40.
G booster inner tube change
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How to change 10″2.5 G booster innertube

  • To change the inner tube you need to firstly remove the wheel from the scooter.
  • The next step is to use tyre levers to remove half the tyre from the wheel.
  • The old tube should slip out, you should then push the valve of the new inner tube into the hole in the wheel.
  • Feed the inner tube back in under the tyre being carful to space the inner tube out.
  • The is because you don’t want any overlapping as this can cause bulges when pumped up.
  • Once the tube is in the tyre use the levers to pop the tyre back on the wheel. pump the tyre to around 40psi and re attach to the scooter. re align the brakes and test before use.
  • Pumping to 40 PSI will reduce the risk of punctures as well as provide less rolling resistance. This means more miles from the tyres and less work for the motor.

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