M365 Innertube 8-1/2×2

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Xiaomi: M365/essential/M365 Pro/S1/S1 Pro/Pro 2

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Zero: 8/9


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M365 Innertube 8-1/2×2.

We have designed a great replacement 8″ inner tube that we have had manufactured directly for us. Thicker and more durable than CST innertubes.

Made from Butyl Rubber and made to fit the 8-1/2×2 wheel these are suitable for a variety of scooters currently on the market.

Our M365 Innertube 8-1/2×2 will fit M365s, M365 Pro and S1 scooters and many others. The majority of scooters have 8″ or 10″ wheels, for both sizes we have you covered . If in doubt please ask.


How to fit the M365 Innertube 8-1/2×2.

To see how to fit the m365-innertube-8-1-2×2 please watch the below videos. It is highly advised to get Tyre Levers. These will make the repair a lot easier.
Front wheel change

Rear Wheel change

The basic instructions are as follows.

  • Make sure there is no air in the inner tube which will make removing the wheel from the scooter easier. Inserting the tyre levers into the wall of the tyre using a levering motion lift the tyre over the wheel arch.
  • You should insert a second tyre leaver and push it around the wall of the tyre.
  • You should not need to remove the tyre completely if changing the inner tube. Pull the old inner tube out of the wheel and bin.
  • Clean the inside of the wheel and check for debris or anything that could puncture your new inner tube.
  • Insert the new inner tube valve into the wheel and start pushing the inner tube into the tyre. Once the inner tube is fully in the tyre, you should start using the same process in reverse that you used to take the tyre off. Using the tyre irons, this should be easy enough.
  • Put the scooter wheel back on the scooter and make sure it is secure. You should pump the8x1/2×2 Scooter Hero Innertube to approx 40PSI to avoid punctures.

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