Xiaomi M365 Brake calliper

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Xiaomi M365 Brake calliper suitable for:

  • Xiaomi M365 / Essential / S1
  • Geekme
  • E-slides
  • Phaewo
  • Kugoo Kirin ES 2

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Xiaomi M365 Brake calliper


Xiaomi M365 Brake calliper a major component within the braking system which from a safety point of view is the most important part of your scooter.

The calliper holds the brake pads in position using magnets. Both brake pad positions can be adjusted. The non moving pad can be adjusted from the rear of the calliper with an Allan key.

The pad that moves (grips the disc) can be adjusted by adjusting what part of the brake cable is attached to the calliper.

The Xiaomi M365 Brake calliper comes with the bolts required to fix it to the scooter. The calliper has a spring in which after braking pulls the brakes loose.

Within the braking system as a whole, 3 springs help pull the brakes loose when you let go of the lever. If your brakes are sticking after you have let go of the lever this symptom needs looking at:
Springs are located in: The brake handle, the calliper and there should be a visible spring on the brake cable (above the calliper)


How to fit Xiaomi M365 Brake calliper

Fitting the Xiaomi M365 Brake calliper is a relatively simple task, due to the dirt you may want to wear rubber gloves and put some paper towel down:

  • unscrew the bolt holding the brake cable to the calliper and put the spring to the side as this will need to go back on. The sprung arm should then ping back to its original position.
  • unscew the 2 bolts holding the callpier to the scooter and remove the calliper
  • check the brake disc and cable for any damage.
  • loosen the new calliper so the brake pads are far apart and then slot onto the scooter
  • attach the bolts and do them up (do not tighten them yet)
  • Put the scooter on a table so that the rear wheel can spin freely.
  • Adjust the brake pads so that they are nearly touching the brake disc, you want a tiny gap between them and the disc. As mentioned above you can adjust the pad from the rear of the calliper by putting an alan key though the wheel spokes.
  • once you are happy there is no rubbing but not much space. spin the wheel and slowly tighten the bolts that hold it to the scooter, this may take a couple of attempts to get right.
  • put the spring back on the cable and attach the cable to the calliper arm. you need to make sure you have pulled the cable tight, when tightening the bolt on the calliper arm, push the arm up slightly so as to take any give out of the braking action.
  • Test and adjust. the wheel should not move when you are riding and pulling the brake lever heavily.

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Xiaomi M365 Brake calliper

Xiaomi M365 Brake calliper

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