Xiaomi M365 charger

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Xiaomi M365 charger is suitable for the following scooters:


  • M365
  • M365 Pro
  • Mi S1
  • Mi essential
  • Mi Pro2
  • Mi 3


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Xiaomi M365 charger

Our Xiaomi M365 charger is a copy and does exactly the same as the original, we do sell the original also but it is double the price.

The charger comprises a UK AC socket, DC 36V, 2amp adaptor and 8mm jack designed for 42V 2A electric scooters.

If you are ordering from the EU we will include an EU plug rather than a UK style (exception being Ireland and Malta)

When charging your scooter you should always connect to the scooter before connecting to the wall, when charged unplug (or switch off) from the wall first. When the charger turns green, you should let it stay connected for approximately another hour.

In winter, let your scooter stand for 1 hour indoors before attempting to charge, especially if the weather is below 0°C degrees.

Xiaomi M365 charger Specifications:

Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Output: 42V 2A

Indicator LED: Red = Charging, Green = no power being drawn from battery (full)

Protection: OVP/OCP/ Overload protection/ Short circuit protection/ 3A fuse

Colour: Black

Maximum power: 63W

Do you need a new Xiaomi M365 charger?

If your scooter has randomly switched off yet had a good level of battery it is more likely that the BMS on the battery is blown. In this instance a new charger may not make any difference. Click here to find out more

This charger is for if your battery charger has stopped working or is lost.

If your scooter is powering up but not charging with your old or with the replacement charger, the cable that connects from the charger to the battery may need replacing, if the charger falls out easily then its more likely to be this part. Click here to find out more


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