Xiaomi M365 Tyre 8″1/2×2

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Xiaomi M365 / M365 Pro / Pro2 / S1 / Essential

Aovo : All

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Chao Yang



Xiaomi M365 Tyre 8″1/2×2

We stock several different variations of tyre for the Xiaomi M365/ Pro/ S1/ Essential/ Pro 2, these tyres will also fit onto any M365 copy

If you’ve had your scooter for a while you may notice that the tyres are looking a bit tired.

Just like a car you should look at replacing them after a year or so and this will reduce the risk of punctures and slipping. If you are experiencing a higher than normal amount of punctures, you may find the inside of the tyre has worn out, you will be able to see strands of thin wire once the tyre is removed. In this instance it is time for a new tyre.

Xiaomi M365 Tyre 8″1/2×2 tyre variations

We actually have 4 different variations of the Xiaomi M365 Tyre 8″1/2×2 tyre:

  • Unbranded – these are the economy range that you will find on ebay and amazon and are suitable only for users who occasionally use their scooter
  • CST – made by CST these are the newer version with a different tread pattern, thicker than the unbranded, good for users who do 10 miles a week
  • Chao Yang – A tyre brand we really rate, these are the same tread style as the original however much thicker and have anti slip groves on the outer side of the tread, we recommend these for heavy users (everyday commuting) These tyres can also be used tubeless or with a tube, for tubeless please couple with this valve.
  • Off road – These beasts are second to non when it comes to grip, designed for off road use, however on the road the perform well.

Fitting Xiaomi M365 Tyre 8″1/2×2 tyre fitting service

We offer inhouse tyre fitting as we know it can be a painful process without the right tools, all you need to do is remove the wheel and send it to us, we will do the rest and send back complete within 24 hours. For this service simply add to cart the tyre and tubes you need, then click here

Fitting Xiaomi M365 Tyre 8″1/2×2 tyre

To Carry out the repair is a simple process:

Remove the reflective strips with a Stanley knife, Use an Alan key to remove the wheel nut guards making sure you don’t loose them.

Remove the wheel from the scooter by using an 18mm spanner to undo the nut (not an adjustable spanner). You should then be able to slot the wheel out from the scooter.

Use tyre levers by pushing them in between the wheel and the tyre and then working them around the rim.

Fitting the new M365 tyre, you want to make sure the inner tube is deflated because there is not a lot of space to work with. Put one side of the tyre on first. Then take the valve and thread it through the hole in the wheel. Then push the new inner tube into the void between the wheel and the tyre making sure there are no kinks or overlapping.
This is the complicated part, you need a clamp. clamp the 6 o clock position of the tyre so the side walls are touching, then push the tyre hard up into the wheel, then lever the 12 o clock position back over. this is the part people struggle with, and where people tend to damage the inner tube.
Reverse everything else you did to take it off.

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