Scooter Wall Mount

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suitable for weights up to 20KG

Fits any scooter with at least 1 spoked wheel

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Scooter Wall Mount

A great way to keep the scooter out of the way and to help keep your hallway clear.

Wall mounted hook and back plate designed specifically for scooters with at least 1 spoked wheel.

Will hold up to 20KG

Pack contains the wall mount and 4x blackened 4mm x 4cm screws and 7mm x 3.5cm roll plugs.

To ensure the wall mount holds the scooter properly Please drill the hole using a 4mm then a 7mm.

The Scooter Wall Mount should not be fitted to plasterboard walls as they do not have the strength to hold this weight.

Use masking tape on your drill bits to ensure you go to the correct depth.

These roll plugs are suitable for brick and concrete walls only.


If you have never fitted a roll plug, here is a great video on how to properly


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Weight 550 g


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