Kugoo M4 Tyre 10″x3

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This Tyre is suitable for

  • Kugoo M4
  • Kaabo Mantis
  • Dualtron Eagle
  • Coswheel FTN

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Kugoo M4 Tyre 10″x3


As part of our tyre range the Kugoo M4 Tyre 10″x3 is a heavy duty tyre. These are the exact same tyres that come with the original.

The inside gap diameter is 15cm and the tyre overall is 24cm in diameter from outer to outer uninflated.

The tyre uninflated is 8cm wide.

Built from solid rubber, these are ideal for off-roading

Please be aware these will not fit through your letterbox so please be in to accept the delivery.

To maintain a long life you should inflate these to 40 PSI, this is unachievable with a hand pump.

Pair with the Kugoo M4 inner tube

Any decent bike shop should offer help in changing these, however save your money and do it yourself. Just remember the Tyre Levers.

How to change the Kugoo M4 tyre 10″x3.

  • Firstly, you need to remove the wheel from the scooter using a 8mm spanner.
  • Remove the brake disk to avoid damaging while carrying out the change. (if a rear wheel change be careful not to damage the motor cable)
  • Making sure the inner tube is flat, insert tyre levers in between the tyre and the the wheel.
  • Working your way around add more tyre levers to the process until the tyre pops out. Remove the tyre and innertube and wheel fully and check for damage.
  • Soak the new tyre in warm water for around 10 minutes will make the process easier when putting back on.
  • Making sure the tyre is dry put one side of the tyre back on the scooter and insert the inner tubes valve through the hold. Pushing the innertube under the tyre.
  • Now reverse the process when you used the tyre levers to take the tyre off.
  • Making sure the tyre fully inflates and holds air before putting back onto the scooter is a top tip as if there was any damage to the inner tube when putting the tyre on, this will save you time.
  • Re attach the brakes and then the wheel to the scooter.
  • Test your brakes and make sure they are aligned correctly.

We decided to add this video to show you how it can be done, but this chap really does have it down to an art. We would highly recommend being less brutal with the inner tube when fitting, M4 tyre 10″x3 change


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