Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3

£450.00 Inc VAT

The latest version for the Xiaomi M365/ 1S:

  • 15.5Mph
  • 15 mile range
  • 16% hill climb
  • 8″1/2×2 inflated wheels
  • 13 KG
  • 3 speed modes
  • Bluetooth app
  • 100KG payload
  • Rear disc brake


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3

From the makers that spawned the electric scooter revolution we bring you the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3.

This is the latest version of the Xiaomi M365 with some great upgrades.

Still as reliable as a smart phone covering 15 miles range up to 15.5Mph and still only weighing 13KG, this is still a great entry level city scooter Which folds down to be carried in a matter of seconds. We have customers still using the same Xaiomi M365 they purchased 4 years ago. There are now hundreds of aftermarket parts to upgrade this scooter further such as off road tyres, speakers, mirrors or even suspension. Not to mention a plethora of phone apps that connect to the scooter.


The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 UPGRADES

Motor upgrade – the xiaomi M365 had a 250W motor, this has been upgraded to 300W. This will not seem like a big deal but when you reach a hill, it will make all the difference.

Braking system – Calliper and brake pad upgrades, The M365 had a single active pad and a passive pad which would require regular adjustments. The new version has 2 active pads that have 120% more surface area so will last longer and be more affective with less adjustments needed. The brake disc has been increased from 110mm to 120mm.

Folding mechanism – A common design issue on the original Xiaomi M365 was the folding mechanism safety catch made of plastic. This has now been upgraded so that the pole will not fold down in an unwanted fashion, having a fully redesigned metal safety catch. This by far is the biggest improvement in our eyes.

Display cover – This part was split into 2 pieces but has now been replaced with a single piece, not only does this look smarter but it improves the waterproofing.

Colour change – to denote the changes, Xiaomi have ditched the red brake cables and changed them to blue, also matching the colour of the new brake calliper.

We also have these great Monorim kits if you fancy some suspension


Fast folding in 3 steps, Innovative folding design evaluated by TÜV Rheinland* (according to EN17128) for a minimalist appearance, convenient storage, and more stability


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 specifications.

Size (Unfolded) 108 x 43 x 114 cm
Size (Folded) 108 x 43 x 49 cm
Weight 13.2 kg
Output 300 watts (600W max)
Range 30 km (18 miles)
Charge Time 8 hours
Max Climbing Angle 16 %
Tyres Inflated
Shock Absorbers No
Front Brake E-ABS (Regenerative) Disk
Rear Brake Mechanical
Waterproof IPX4: splash resistant
Headlight 1.1W
Riding Modes Normal/Pedestrian/Sports
Display Battery/Mode/Speed/Other


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 Shipping

Since moving onto the High street, we no longer post scooters out to people. This was simply to due with high fraud rates and high returns due to customers not understanding how to put them together. We now have a policy of building the scooter for you so that it is ready to go from the shop. Not only does this help us in a financial manor but it also means we can provide a proper level of customer service. Not only can we offer a better experience but it also means that customers buy the correct scooter for their needs, rather than buying something that is not suitable, to big or to small for them.
You can buy online for collection (please call ahead of collection). Cash or card is also accepted in store.

It is advised not to ride this scooter if you weigh over 100KG – about 15.5 stone, it will still work but the performance will be affected.

For more information check out the official website


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