Monorim V4 Front Suspension

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Monorim V4 front suspension is suitable for the following scooters:

Xiaomi M365

Xiaomi S1

Xiaomi Essential

Xiaomi Pro/ Pro2

Aovo & Aovo Pro

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Monorim V4 Front Suspension

The newest version of the Monorim V4 suspension kit. Designed to make your ride smooth. With UK roads being some of the worst maintained, trying to ride without suspension is arguably dangerous.
This latest version from Monorim is ideal for taking some of the harsh nocks out of your ride. With the massive reduction in vibrations you will also see longer life from the scooters components.

Monorim kits are well designed and made from a strong and versatile aluminium. Not only do they work well, they look amazing and instantly transform your scooters look.

Monorim V4 Front Suspension kit contents.

  • A choice of 2 springs depending upon your weight.
  • Spanner and Alan key.
  • Replacement reflective stickers.
  • New ball bearing rings.
  • New steering collar. (not included in older kits sold elsewhere)
  • Steering pin and bolts
  • Main kit including metal mudguard spacer (not included in older kits sold elsewhere)

Suspension kit Fitting instructions

Follow the QR code or check out any of the multiple videos on youtube. The basics go a little bit like this:

  • Remove the motor from front forks. Bolts underneath the red reflector strips need to be undone to access to main bolt holding the wheel to the fork.
  • Remove Forks (access to the pin is located in the folding mechanism). You will need to remove the folding mechanism from the scooter.
  • Open up the kit and slide the black pole part into the scooters frame, where the forks use to be. Be careful to place the correct bolts and ball bearing rings in the right place.
  • Make sure the frame is secure by attaching all parts.
  • Fit the front mud guard.
  • Push down on the scooter while re attaching the folding attachment and make sure all steering parts are where they should be. By this point you shouldn’t have much parts left.
  • Re attach the motor and make sure there is no wobble or looseness to any of the bolts.
  • Test the scooter is safe to ride, then enjoy your upgrade.


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