Monorim Rear Suspension

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Monorim V4 front suspension is suitable for the following scooters:

Xiaomi M365

Xiaomi S1

Xiaomi Essential

Xiaomi Pro/ Pro2

Aovo & Aovo Pro


Monorim Rear suspension kit

After gaining a reputation as the best suspension kit on the market Monorim have again out done themselves with the Monorim Rear Suspension kit. The rear suspension kit takes your Xiaomi M365 or variant and completes the look by giving you full suspension.

If you are using your scooter a lot you will know the harshness of riding without suspension. Not only does this kit look the part, it makes your scooter able to handle even the worst ground. By fitting this kit you will reduce the shock and vibration to the scooter and yourself inevitably extending the scooters life.

If you have replaced your tyres with Solid rubber tyres this is a must have upgrade. With the pneumatic tyres you really are going to notice a difference in the ride.

Bear in mind this is a 1 hour job and you will require an electric drill and a basic level of technical knowledge. We recommend watching the video first before purchase.

When installing, bring up the video and pause it at each step of the install. This is the best way to avoid mistakes during the install. The Monorim rear suspension kit fits both the standard sizes Xiaomi M365 / S1/ Essential. For the M365 Pro / Pro2 a handy Pro kit is included in the box

The Monorim rear suspension kit comes with a tool set so other than an electric drill you should be good to go.

Monorim Rear Suspension kit contents.

  • Main suspension block
  • Back mudguard
  • Extra Spring (different density for heavier riders)
  • Pro compatibility kit
  • Various tools for the install
  • Longer brake cable

Monorim rear Suspension kit Fitting instructions

Follow the QR code or check out this video on how to install – youtube.

  • Remove old mudguard by removing the 3 screws holding it to the scooter base
  • Remove the rear wheel, bolt for this is hidden under the plastic covers where the reflectors are.
  • Loosen the brake calliper and remove.
  • Using an electric drill and the drill bit supplied, widen the hole closest to the front of the scooter, repeat on the other side.
  • Disassemble the suspension kit and screw the shock holder to the scooter (where the mud guard used to be attached), then re attach the shock absorber to the holder.
  • Install the brackets with the ball bearings in. If installing to a Xiaomi Pro or Pro 2, use the Pro kit that comes with the kit as standard.

Monorim rear suspension assembly

  • Install one side of the main kit or the swing arm, replete the process on the other side then install the top mudguard.
  • Attach the shock absorber to the swing arms (on pro/pro2 use the washers supplied)
  • Re attach the rear wheel then attach the brake calliper.
  • Remove the old brake cable from the sheath by removing it from the handle bar side and pulling though. Push the new cable in from that same side, attach to the brake calliper, test and adjust then crimp the end with the cap.
  • Build the rear lower mudguard matching the numbers on the 4 parts of the kit. make sure you do not over screw the screws and crack the plastic. Then install onto the scooter.
  • Install the rear light using the extension cable. If your light is broken you can purchase a new one on our site hereBrake light.
  • Install the swing arm covers, then the stand adaptor and re attach the stand.

Shipping info

The monorim rear suspension kit as well as our other monorim kits will be dispatched the same day pre 14:00 by Parcelforce with a tracking number

Free delivery is a 48 hour mon-fri service

Parcelforce 24 (next working day mon- fri) is slightly more at checkout.

Monorim Rear Suspension monorim rear suspension red


Additional information

Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 25 cm

Black, Red


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