Monorim Hinge and pole

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The Monorim Hinge and pole is the essential upgrade for xiaomi m365/pro/s1/s1pro copys such as the pure scooters.

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Monorim Hinge and pole.

The Monorim hinge and pole is the essential upgrade for xiaomi m365 /pro/ s1/ Pro2 and copies.

The great advantage of upgrading to the monorim hinge and pole is the hinge is actually welded to the pole. On the original that comes with the xioami models, the pole it is held in with 2 split pins.
The xiaomi scooters don’t have suspension as standard so the split pins loosen over time with the vibrations. The front clip on the Xiaomi hinge is also a major design flaw as you have all the pressure of the riders upper body as well as the pressure from turning effectively placed on a small piece of aluminium approx 1cm wide and only 5mm thick. Due to the weakens in this part over time the hinge itself rubs and wares down. This is why you will see rubber spacers on the market to fill the gap. The Monorim kit does away with all this. By moving the locking handle on the front side of the pole with a much more secure clip. Monorim have removed the need for the fiddly adjustable bolt that runs through the hinge. So not only is the scooter now more reliable and less prone to the hinge snap but its actually easier to use everyday. On the Monorim Hinge and pole the hinge handle has a small sprung safety clip that clips into the pole, another massive improvement. The original has a plastic clip that can easily snap or undo when riding.
If you have fitted solid tyres, please do not install this part without pairing it with Front Suspension. If you do fit without suspension, the vibrations will over time damage the weld. We highly recommend fitting the V4 front suspension anyway as it will transform your ride and reduce wear and tare to the scooter.

Monorim Hinge and pole Set up


The set up is relatively simple process but will take approximately 25 mins to carry out.

Firstly remove the handle bar by removing the 4 screws at the top of the pole. Unplug the data cable and disconnect the brake cable from the brake handle. Take of the red rubber fillers from the pole and place to one side. Loosen the bolts at the bottom of the hinge and undo the bolt in the center of the hinge. The old hinge should now lift off and can be recycled. You do not need to go any further into the front fork.

When attaching the Monorim Hinge and pole make sure all the bearings and washers are in place and put pressure down on the wheel when tightening up the bolt in the center. It is very important to put pressure down when doing this as you don’t want any wobble from the front fork.

Once you are happy that you have taken out as much slack and wobbly from the forks you can start to thread the data cable and brake cable back through the pole. When reattaching the data cable, test by turning on the scooter before you connect the handle bar.

Reconnect the handle bar and put back the 4 screws. You can then re attach the brake cable and then test and adjust the brakes before use.

If at all in any doubts, scan the QR code on the side of the box and this will take you to monorim who have an installation guide and video

We found this video . It is in Russian however its a visual aid that has the main points and does have subtitles.



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