M365 Tyre and inner tube

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CST 8″1/2×2 Tyres are suitable for

Xiaomi: M365/essential/M365 Pro/S1/S1 Pro/Pro 2

All Aovo scooters

Walburg urban


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M365 Tyre and inner tube


The M365 Tyre and inner tube we stock are the same as the original ones that came on your scooter
Manufactured by CST.
size 8″1/2 x 2.


for the Xiaomi M365. M365 Pro & S1


The pack contains 1 outer tyre and one inner tube.


If you’ve had your scooter for a while you may notice that the tyres may be looking a bit tired.

Just like a car you should after some time look at replacing them and this will reduce the risk of punctures and slipping.


We would advise you to buy tyre levers with this purchase as this will make the job of changing a tyre so much easier or, take it to a bike shop. At the bottom of the page is a link to tyre levers.


How to use:

To Carry out the repair is a simple process:

Remove the reflective strips with a Stanley knife

Use an Alan key to remove the wheel nut guards making sure you don’t loose them.

Remove the wheel from the scooter by using a spanner to undo the nut. Start by loosening on both sides with a spanner and then with your fingers. You should then be able to slot the wheel out from the scooter.

Use tyre levers (not spoons as shown in the video) by pushing them in between the wheel and the tyre and then working them around the rim.

Fitting the new M365 tyre and inner, you want to make sure the innter tube is deflated because there is not a lot of space to work with. Put one side of the tyre on first. Then take the valve and thread it through the hole in the wheel. Then push the new inner tube into the void between the wheel and the tyre making sure there are no kinks or overlapping. Reverse everything you did to take it off.

Its worth having a jar or bowl to hand to put the screws in because they are small and easy to loose. Some ear plugs for that youtube video may also be a good idea!

To carry out the repair it may be worth watching this video


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