M365 Folding Pole Base

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Suitable for Xiaomi M365/ Pro/ S1 /S1 Pro/ Pro2
Repair time: 20-30 mins

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M365 Folding Pole Base

This is a replacement part for when your M365 Folding Pole Base has worn out/is damaged

This is a 15 to 20 min job and we only recommend you carry out the repair if you are experienced. We would recommend if you are not competent in repairs to seek professional help.

We sell the Monorim pole and hinge which is less likely to wear out over time. The aluminium plates over time wear down so a spacer is recommended to be used if you use you use the scooter a lot. The hinge will start to be loose when locking, this is the time to use a spacer.

How to fit the M365 Folding Pole Base

To replace, you will need to remove the safety clip from the hinge first, this will let you see the split pins.

Remove the split pins, one requires an alan key.

Loosen off the two bolts securing the base of the hinge to the scooters forks

Open up the hinge and undo the bolt holding the hinge onto the forks then remove.

To fit do exactly the same in reverse. Make sure when connecting the hinge back to the fork that you apply pressure to stop movement in this area.

Important note, Before purchasing this item please check that you are able to remove the pole from the hinge. Some of the newer Xiaomi’s have been glued and are impossible to remove from the hinge. In this case we would recommend replacing the entire pole with the monorim pole

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