Kugoo S1 Plus

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Kugoo S1 plus

The Kugoo S1 Plus is a brand new release from Kugoo, it takes the S1 and S1 pro and adds to that great design with a new and easier folding mechanism, a redesign of the folding handle bar and LCD control panel. Lights have also been upgraded.

The Kugoo S1 Plus is a lightweight scooter designed for trips up to 18miles Weighing in at 11.5 KG and being able to fold in the handle bars so that when you fold the scooter it can easily be carried in busy places without being a choir as well as being able to be stored in a very small space.

Being a lightweight scooter the kugoo S1 plus is perfectly designed to be folded up and taken on a bus or train, comparing it to the xiaomi m365 and this scooter will beat them hands down on portability as it is not a bulky scooter

8-inch Solid Honeycomb solid tyre. Great if you don’t want to spend time changing inner tubes and as the scooter comes with a built in suspension system you shouldn’t notice to much of a difference in the ride quality. The tyres have a good tread that is designed for tarmac and should provide enough grip on wet roads.

3 Speed Modes. Depending upon the distance you are travelling you may not want to go full speed and therefore get a bit more range. You can control the speed settings with one button on the dashboard, as well as the accelerator lever.

7.5Ah 18650 lithium battery. With any battery you are making a choice between weight and range. With this battery it is a good middle ground between the two and will power you along for upto 30Km / 18 miles in the slow setting. In the fastest setting and adding some hills in the range will be around 14 miles

350W motor. Unlike the Xiaomi m365 you get a another 100W, this is ideal for when you are attempting hills as the extra power from this torque motor will pull you up them with little problems, you will slow down slightly depending upon the gradient, but not as much as the competition. It also means it can carry a payload of 120KG, please note the range and speed will be affected by the weight of the rider.

A redesigned LCD Display Screen. For the price of this scooter this is a really nice touch letting you stay in control knowing your battery life and speed.

Bright LED Headlights & Safety Warning Taillight. The powerful headlamp will not only light up the road ahead but let others know you are there, a great safety feature. This scooter also has red rail lights that will also illuminate when the break lever is pressed. Updating from the S1 means they are no longer on the rear mudguard but are built into the frame, they have put lenses on them to make them extra bright.

Fordable handle bars and Adjustable Height. the scooter has 3 different handle bar heights so can be made comfortable to ride whatever your height. The adjustments are 93cm 116cm.

IP54 rated your good to travel in the drizzle without a worry just maybe with any electric scooter stay out of the puddles and heavy rain.


Kugoo S1 plus tech specs


Carton Size 1030X210X405MM
N.W 11.5KG
G.W 15KG
Tread width 70MM
Chassis height 70MM
Max load 120KG
Max speed ≤30KM/H
Climbing ability ≤15°
Protection grade IP54
Range ≤30KM
Standard voltage 36V
Battery type 18650 lithium battery
Battery capacity 7.5AH
Motor type brushless DC motor
Rated output 350W
Maximum speed 700r/min
Charge time 4-5h
display Speed, mileage, time, power, gear, voltage, etc.
Front lights LED high brightness front light
Tail lights LED brake warning + flashing at night
Front tyre Built-in spring absorption
Rear tyre Rear wheel spring shock absorber 


If your looking for more power and have a bigger budget you may want to consider the Kugoo M4 Pro

For some tips on how to look after your Kugoo S1 plus, we found this video which made us laugh but covers everything pretty wellscooter care

Additional information

Weight 15000 g
Dimensions 105 × 20 × 30 cm