11 inch inner tube

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Our tubes Will fit All 10 inch wheeled scooters. If you are unsure which one is needed for your scooter, look at the original one fitted.

We stock:

  • 10″2.5 – 90° bent valve (Kugoo M4/pro, G2 Pro) Perfect it
  • 10″2.5 – 45° bent valve scooters with not enough clearance for 90° bent valves
  • 10″2.5 – 0°   Strait valve (G-booster) Perfect it
  • 10″2.125 0° Bent valve (Pure Air /Pro, Riley, Decent) Perfect it

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11 inch inner tube

Our best on the market range of 11 inch inner tubes will cover almost all scooters on the market. These are heavy duty 210g tubes that can only be manufactured in china during the winter months. Forget the cheap and nasty amazon listings, these will last.

  • Inner tube tyre sizing 90/65-6.5

Please note a these are designed to fit 90/65-6.5 road and off road tyres perfectly.

how to fit 11″ inner tubes

With the vast majority of electric scooters which require 11 inch inner tubes have the same process:

  • Remove the bolts from the wheel and release the wheel from the scooter. motor wheels you need to give yourself some space to work so sometimes removing a mud guard is needed.
  • Tyre lever one side of the wheel off, make sure no air is in the old tube and then pull the rest of the tyre away from the wheel (if split rim, split the rim)
  • Inspect the tyre for damage and make a judgment on weather or not you need a new one. if cable is showing on the inside, its come to the end of its life.
  • Clean the wheel rim and make sure there are no sharp edges to worry about. If there is, use a metal file to rub down
  • Put the inspected clean tyre (or new) back on the rim, leaving one side not attached.
  • Carefully put the new 11 inch inner tube into the wheel rim so it is not showing or sticking out from the rim (it needs to sit between the part of the tyre that is on the wheel and the metal edge of the wheel closest to you)
  • Push the valve into the hole and then attach the cap or a valve extender to stop it going back into the wheel.
  • With the wheel tyre valve at the 12 o clock position put the 6 o clock area of the tyre back on, secure with a clamp and then do the same process at 9 and 3 o clock positions.
  • Push as hard as you can at the 6 o clock position of the wheel and use 2/3 tyre levers to force over the last part of the tyre 12 o clock area.

11 inch inner tube fitting service

If all the above sounds like a bit much, you’d be right. As well as investing in tyre levers and clamps you also need a vice, work bench and with new tyres a urn.
Save your self a bunch of time and hassle (and bent spoons if you don’t have levers) and let us do the hard work for you.
Simply remove the wheel, put it in a box and send it to us, we will within 24 of receiving it send it back fitted with a new inner tube and or tyre and we will clean up the wheel while we are at it.
To take advantage of this service, please add the tubes and tyres you wish us to fit to your basket, then click here


Shipping your 11 Inch inner tube

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Additional information

Weight 210 g
Tube size

10"2.5 – 90° Bent valve, 10"2.5 – 45° Bent valve, 10"2.5 – 0° Strait Valve , 10"2.125 0° Bent valve