Monorim suspension kits

Over the past few years we have watched Monorim build up their range of extremely well engineered parts. Designed for Xiaomi and ninebot scooters you cannot go wrong.

They are now on their V4 range of front suspension and recently released their new Air suspension. This replaces a sprung dampener with a phonematic dampener.

Monorim have also released their rear suspension kit which together with the front kit, will improve your ride.

It is important to add suspension to your scooter to improve the quality of your ride. Not only will this make for a smoother ride, it will also improve the life duration of parts by reducing vibration.

Not content with fixing the M365 family they have also extended this range of kits to fit the Ninebot G30 Max scooter.
Additionally these kits come with a QR code. You can scan that takes you to a youtube video to install the kit. This means no more head scratching and an easy install.

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